SH( )P-love for Deep Cove

Three weeks of flying our Big Love Ball at our SH(  )P and the time has absolutely flown by.  Each day is filled with customer visits and SH(  ) P tending while observing Deep Cove teeming with life.

We have been overwhelmed by the warm welcome we have been given, both by those visiting the SH(  )P, local Cove personalities and the other businesses in the Cove.  The Cove has shown itself to be a vibrant and supportive community  we all knew it would be!

The fellow shop owners/workers have been helpful, fun to get to know and super supporters of the SH(  )P!  Our friends at Cafe Orso will often surprise us with a coffee deliveries with tasty snacks to help us stay caffeinated throughout the day,  while our new friends at Sunny SideAhoyRoom 6 and LaLa's refer people to the Pop-Up and add to the cohesive community nature in the Cove!  

Jan, the unofficial mayor of Deep Cove, is always helpful: assisting with signage, stopping by for a visit and sending people our way.  And Ann, from the Strata is always checking on us and ensuring we don't kill the Artemis plants in our garden.  

Good thing we have 5 more weeks in Deep Cove!