Dawn to Dusk... a beautiful Spring

Soft, flowing and beautiful, our Spring styles are designed for lounging in style.   Our ultra-flattering colours and drapey soft fits provide laid back ease for your demanding lifestyles. Uncompromising style and comfort for while you relax, enjoy some me-time, travel or just get ready for you day.  

Global's Toronto Morning Show showcases Paper Label

Exciting lounge-wear

Wed, Dec 30: Stylist Afiya Francisco showcases how snuggle-wear can be stylish.









Source: http://globalnews.ca/video/2426335/excitin...



What a great month for Paper Label!  Our new Autumn/Winter styles are catching the eye and hearts of our favourite bloggers and Canadian media.  Often, as we produce a new collection, we are clouded within the bubble of creation.  So, when the love starts coming in, we can't help our elation.

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Paper Label and Cottage Life

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cottage life


Paper Label dress
Adidas Stan Smith sneakers
Ray-Ban sunglassses

I ran off to Ontario last weekend (do I go anywhere else?) in need of a rest. I’ve been feeling quite emotional and off lately, and I’m honestly not sure why. It’s an odd feeling and one I very much dislike, mostly because I’m a problem solver kind of girl. What’s the issue and how can we solve it? But sometimes our emotions don’t work that way and there’s not a singular issue that can be pinpointed. Basically, I think I just needed a break. And break we did, at an amazing cabin (or cottage, for your Ontarians) thanks to some wonderful friends.

Not only did we celebrate our anniversary (and the boy’s birthday) but we relaxed and read and swam in the lake and slept and ate and drank and napped. I basically lived in my bikini and this Paper Label super soft LBD (which doubles as a sleep dress, by the way). It was heaven and exactly what I needed.

Happy Weekend, friends.

SH( )P-love for Deep Cove

Three weeks of flying our Big Love Ball at our SH(  )P and the time has absolutely flown by.  Each day is filled with customer visits and SH(  ) P tending while observing Deep Cove teeming with life.

We have been overwhelmed by the warm welcome we have been given, both by those visiting the SH(  )P, local Cove personalities and the other businesses in the Cove.  The Cove has shown itself to be a vibrant and supportive community  we all knew it would be!

The fellow shop owners/workers have been helpful, fun to get to know and super supporters of the SH(  )P!  Our friends at Cafe Orso will often surprise us with a coffee deliveries with tasty snacks to help us stay caffeinated throughout the day,  while our new friends at Sunny SideAhoyRoom 6 and LaLa's refer people to the Pop-Up and add to the cohesive community nature in the Cove!  

Jan, the unofficial mayor of Deep Cove, is always helpful: assisting with signage, stopping by for a visit and sending people our way.  And Ann, from the Strata is always checking on us and ensuring we don't kill the Artemis plants in our garden.  

Good thing we have 5 more weeks in Deep Cove!

the boxes are piling up

Opening a Pop-Up Shop for two months is quite a lot of work.  Really, the workload is similar to opening up a full time retail store as we need all systems and stock in place to open our doors! However, opening a Pop-Up is also tons of fun as we have the opportunity to collaborate with so many fabulous artists, creative shop owners and amazing entrepreneurs.  

Each day this week, we have been greeted by the arrival of new goods that we are super excited to share with you!  We are down to two sleeps until our opening and the boxes are definitely piling up.

Please drop by this weekend to see us in our infancy.  We will open our doors at 10 am on Saturday (May 30th), and we will be open daily until July 26th; Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm and Sundays 11am- 5pm.  Can't wait to see you walk through the door of our SH(  )P!